Richard D. Trenk was a panelist at the National Client Protection Organization’s Annual Meeting


Member Richard D. Trenk participated in a panel for the National Client Protection Organization’s Annual Meeting in Princeton, New Jersey, on September 24, 2019.  Participating with the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection Director, Daniel R. Hendi, Mr. Trenk presented experiences and strategies as Custodial Receiver and Attorney Trustee pursuant to New Jersey Court Rules 1:28-8 and 1:20-19.  Throughout his thirty-seven (37) years as an attorney, Mr. Trenk has served as a trustee, receiver and fiduciary in numerous cases.  The Lawyers’ Fund seeks appointment of custodial receivers when attorneys are accused of defalcations and other actions which frequently lead to disbarment or suspension.  In these cases, pursuant to the Rules of Court, the Lawyers’ Fund pays valid claims for clients who have been victims of attorney misconduct.  When the Fund pays claims, it is subrogated to the rights of the victim in order to seek recoveries.  Mr. Trenk has represented the Lawyers’ Fund in numerous matters including the largest single recovery ever received by the Fund in its fifty (50) year existence.