My practice focuses almost exclusively on public finance transactions. I’ve participated in the issuance of hundreds of millions of dollars of bonds and notes for countless counties, municipalities and public authorities. My areas of expertise include the following, among others:

General Obligation and Revenue Debt

I act as bond counsel to municipalities and counties issuing general obligation bonds and notes, secured by ad valorem taxing power. I serve the same role to utilities authorities, improvement authorities, parking authorities and redevelopment authorities issuing bonds and notes secured by various revenues or assets. Recently, I assisted The Parking Authority of the Township of Weehawken in a shared services financing that benefitted the Parking Authority, the Township and the Township Board of Education.

Public/Private Development Partnerships

I work to bridge the private sector need for money to complete community-invigorating projects with public sector financing, most recently, through the issuance of payment-in-lieu-of tax bonds to finance the Bayonne Crossing Shopping Center.

New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust Financing

I annually represent multiple issuers in their financing of various wastewater and drinking water projects through the low-interest New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust Financing Program. In 2010, I assisted The Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority in procuring over $17 million in low-interest financing for projects ranging from the rehabilitation of force mains and pump stations to roof repairs at various treatment facilities.

Build America Bonds

I assist clients in utilizing the newest financing tools available, such as the financing of the Little Falls Municipal Justice Complex through the issuance of government-subsidized Build America Bonds authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Tax Appeal Financing

I am at the forefront of the latest challenge facing most New Jersey local governments – the crippling cost of tax appeal judgments. I have participated in numerous conversations with the Division of Local Government Services, drafted proposed legislation in an effort to provide local governments with relief from the rising cost of tax appeals and assisted multiple local governments in financing the cost of these tax appeals through the issuance of tax appeal refunding notes.

Municipal Budget/Post-Bond Issuance Compliance Issues

I spend a significant amount of time counseling municipalities and counties on budget issues, changes in law, post-bond issuance compliance and other issues impacting New Jersey municipalities.

Capital Appreciation Bonds

I participated in the first competitive sale of capital appreciation bonds in New Jersey for the City of Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

Investment Banks and Trustee Banks

I also represent regional and national banks that underwrite municipal securities, as well as banks that act as trustee to bondholders.