McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC regularly handles complex business and financial matters relating to public and affordable housing. Our attorneys possess a vast experience and expertise on both federal and State regulations relating to the development, structure and financing of multi-family housing projects.

What We Do

  • Advise Housing Authorities – We assist authorities in structuring financing for housing projects. We have represented numerous housing authorities throughout New Jersey, including the Housing Authority of the City of Camden and the Newark Housing Authority.
  • Counsel Municipalities – We advise municipalities on how to best navigate affordable-housing laws, including the Fair Housing Act of 1985. This law is currently being modified, and we are working closely with the legislature on the proposed amendments to the State housing policy.
  • Assist Private Developers – We advise developers on how the State housing policy can impact their real estate development projects, and we help them navigate the compliance options with municipalities.

Housing Finance Experience

  • Section 8 Housing – Our firm has been involved in numerous financings of Section 8 Housing Projects under the amendments to the McKinney Act.
  • Capital Grants Funding Program – Through our past representation of the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (“NJHMFA”), we are very knowledgeable about the capital grants funding program that allows local housing authorities to leverage annual capital grants or contributions for purposes of undertaking larger-scale capital improvements to public housing facilities.
  • Transaction Documents – As special counsel to housing authorities in connection with large-scale multi-family rental housing projects, our firm has experience negotiating all pertinent transaction documents, including ground leases, regulatory and operating agreements, declarations of restrictive covenants, management agreements, developer’s agreements, and intralocal and shared services agreements.
  • Developing Financial Structures – We can help you develop the financial structure for your project, including options such as NJHMFA financing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, Neighborhood Preservation Balanced Housing, Home Express Program Funds, federal grant programs and other funding alternatives.

State Affordable Housing

  • Fair Housing Act of 1985 – Our attorneys have experience working with municipal and private clients on the implementation and development of affordable housing projects in furtherance of the Fair Housing Act of 1985. This law is currently being modified, and we are working closely with the legislature on amendments and changes to the law.
  • Compliance and Administrative Processes – We have counseled municipal clients on the compliance requirements under State law and assisted both public and private sector clients through the administrative processes established by the Council on Affordable Housing.

Contact Us

For more information about our Housing practice, please contact Glenn F. Scotland at 973-622-1800.