Public Utilities

McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC provides a full range of legal services in regulatory, legislative, administrative, transactional, contractual and litigation matters involving the electric, gas, cable television, solid waste, water and wastewater industries. The firm’s attorneys appear before State public utility commissions, legislative committees, municipal governing bodies and the courts to address the specialized areas of law and regulation faced by these industries. Our attorneys have in-depth experience, knowledge and expertise in this ever growing area to enable us to address and meet the continuing challenges faced by our clients. The firm serves as general or special counsel to a host of local authorities and commissions, and hence is intimately familiar with State and Federal law applicable to the administration of public utilities.


McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC provides legal services to municipalities in the cable franchising and refranchising processes. The firm is intimately familiar with the relevant statutory and administrative provisions governing the cable franchising process, and has successfully assisted municipal clients in navigating the maze involved in negotiating and renegotiating a cable franchise. The firm can help municipal clients focus on the important issues involved and complete the cable franchising process in an effective and efficient manner.

Wi-Fi and Telecommunications

The development and proliferation of wireless and fiber-optic telecommunications, including wireless fidelity networks (Wi-Fi), has presented new opportunities, as well as responsibilities, for local government and private clients alike. There are obligations for local government to grant telecommunications companies access to public rights-of-way, and to potentially have wireless telecommunications equipment mounted on public property. In that regard, the firm can bring its wireless and telecommunications experience to bear. The firm has been working with local government and major telecommunications companies to facilitate telecommunications access to public rights-of-way and other public property under the control of the local unit in accordance with applicable law. The firm has also counseled public and private clients with respect to the complications that arise when these facilities must be relocated – avoiding litigation whenever possible, but vigorously litigating when necessary.



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