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Hoboken North End Redevelopment Plan Amended

MS&B continues to be a partner in the redevelopment of the North End of Hoboken as it takes shape! The latest amendment to the North End Redevelopment Plan, adopted on August 23, 2023, added a new “Site 14” within the North End Redevelopment Area. The Amendment establishes new height, bulk, and floor area ratio (FAR) requirements.

On the same date, the city authorized the execution of a Redevelopment Agreement with 1415 Adams LLC for the Site 14 property located at 1413 – 1415 Adams Street and 1412 Grand Street, for the construction of a five-story mixed-use project including a large brewery complete with tasting rooms, retail space, and commercial space.

In May, the city authorized a Redevelopment Agreement for property located at 1500 Clinton Street to construct an eight (8) story and a twelve (12) story building with approximately 400 residential units, approximately 9,500 square feet of community space to be leased to the city, and plenty of bicycle parking. Wear your helmets!

It also provides for the Redeveloper to construct a portion of the North End Linear Park on that property which will eventually connect with the Linear Parks on the neighboring properties.

The first community meeting on this project was held almost five years ago, and we’re excited to see how things are evolving based on all the local input. Read more ➡️