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MS&B Receives The Waterfront Project, Inc.'s 2021 Valued Corporate Partner Award

McManimon, Scotland and Baumann was honored today by The Waterfront Project, Inc. at its Justice For Fundraiser. Isabel Chou, Board President, presented MSB with its 2021 Valued Corporate Partner Award.

Isabel remarked: "MS&B is one of those unique law firms that has figured out how to tap the tremendous potential of public private partnerships. In its success, it has not forgotten to reinvest in the communities that it works in."

Bakari G. Lee, MS&B Member and Chief Diversity Officer, accepted the award on behalf of the firm. He said "Much like the Waterfront Project, our firm has been focused, historically, and continues at our core to be focused on representing the interests of those who need it most." Bakari lauded the work of the Waterfront Project remarking "You are, in my view, the best of us all in terms of what you do. Your work in focusing on the working poor, seniors, veterans, those with disabilities and low and moderate income people throughout the County of Hudson, is unparalleled. And, it is our honor to be able to partner with you and support your efforts. We are humbled by the work that you do."