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Municipality Responsibilities Under NJ's New Affordable Housing Bill

If you’re wondering just how much affordable housing New Jersey towns will be required to zone for, build, convert or renovate under the state’s new bill, you’re not alone.

The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) is expected to calculate initial affordable housing obligations as soon as mid-October.

Once informed of their initial obligations, municipalities will have two options:

⭐ Use the provided numbers to draft housing plans to meet its housing obligations, including but not limited to providing applicable zoning for the construction of the homes


⭐ Determine and propose a more accurate number regarding its housing obligations based on available land and other constraints

The bill also sets requirements for the types of affordable housing municipalities must create.

For example, about 50% of the new units will need to be suitable for families with children. Meanwhile, 13% should be available to people with very low incomes and a municipality will only be able to devote 30% of its obligation for age-restrictive housing.

There are significant calculations involved here, along with caps and bonuses will also apply for certain types of housing.

If you have questions about your municipality’s specific obligations or opportunities for funding, or how to take advantage of the bill’s incentives of fixing up existing units, reach out to MS&B for specific guidance.