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The "But-For" Test and Tax Abatements

Tax abatement is one of the most sought-after public incentives to enhance and ensure the financial feasibility of private-sector residential and commercial development projects. But it’s not always right for every situation.

Learn how municipalities determine when tax abatement is suitable and what kind of support may be provided in an upcoming workshop from the New Jersey Redevelopment Authority Training Institute on Tuesday, December 5th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

MS&B’s Kevin McManimon will be presenting alongside Calvin Souder, Jeffrey Gradone, and Bryan Morris on “The ‘But-For’ Test & Tax Abatements.” The dynamic group of speakers will cover topics that participants of all experience levels can benefit from, including:

➕ PILOT, tax exemption, tax abatement, tax dividend entity, and other tax abatement concepts and terminology

➕ Where tax exemptions and abatements are authorized

➕ Factors for consideration of whether a tax incentive is appropriate, and how much support is needed for the project

➕ How to calculate long-term abatements for residential and commercial rehabilitation and construction projects

➕ Negotiable provisions within the financial agreement

➕ Alternative financing strategy using Redevelopment Area Bonds

CLE credits will be offered.

For additional info and to register, visit ▶️