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We're Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of its founding and its service of clients throughout New Jersey.  Founded as Kraft & Hughes, the firm has evolved during its 50 year journey from being the first bond counsel firm in New Jersey, to today’s full service, multi-disciplinary public/private law firm.  As with all things in life, the road to 50 has been filled with twists and turns.   However, a few things have remained constant – our gratitude for the privilege to serve our clients and help further the goals of the communities we represent, our appreciation for the lasting friendships forged over the years, our admiration for our fellow professionals with whom we get to work every day, and our admiration for those that are a part of the MS&B family, past and present. 
Guided by the examples set by our senior partners, Edward J. McManimon, III, Andrea L. Kahn and Glenn F. Scotland, MS&B continues to build upon its strong base of attorneys.  We are proud that our attorneys are leaders in their respective fields, serving with calm professionalism and legal acumen to provide the steady hand we need to practice at the highest levels.  The firm is bolstered by our dedicated team members, many of whom have devoted over a quarter century each to our unyielding commitment to excellent legal counsel.  Our foundation was built upon outstanding professionals coming together to bring the best they have to offer, without exception or hesitation, in service of one another and our clients.  Our future is assured by the next generation that call MS&B home who are no less dedicated and no less committed to the mission. 
We thank you for the opportunity over the last half-century to serve our clients and we look forward to continuing in service for many years to come.