The Village

The Township of South Orange Village worked with a redeveloper to convert a surface parking lot into a mixed-use project that includes 215 residential apartment units, a 513 structured parking deck and 3,000 square feet of retail space.

Acting as redevelopment counsel, our firm worked with the Township of South Orange Village (the “Village”) in order to expand its downtown corridor. The Village owned a 2.7 acre parcel that it previously utilized as 90 commuter surface parking spaces and the Village’s volunteer rescue squad headquarters. The Village is on the NJ Transit Midtown Direct Line and is home to many New York City commuters. The Village has a bustling Village center and sought to continue that vibrancy down Valley Street.

We assisted the Village in amending its redevelopment plan, subsequently negotiating a redevelopment and financial agreement. Our firm participated in meetings of various local design committees, Planning Board meetings and both public and closed session Village Board of Trustee meetings. Further, our firm helped the Village to relocate the Volunteer Rescue Squad and negotiated a $1.1 million payment from the redeveloper in order to build a new facility, a two-story 4,800 square foot headquarters.

The structured parking deck is shared by the apartment complex and the Village and represents in excess of a 50% increase in available commuter parking. For more information on this project, please contact Joseph P. Baumann, Jr., Member, at (973) 622-1800.