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  • Joseph P. Baumann, Jr.
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  • Frances Ciesla McManimon
  • Edward J. McManimon, III
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Public-Private Partnerships


McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC is at the forefront of helping municipalities realize the financial benefits of the privatization of essential government services.  Public-Private Partnerships (P3) is a tool for both the public and private sectors to join experience, skills and assets to deliver facilities and services that best serve the public, while sharing risks.  While P3 can be a potent tool to delivr major projects and services, it is not always appropriate in every case.  Our attorneys have unparalleled expertise in Public-Private Partnerships and are able to offer clients valuable advice relating to all aspects of the privatization process.

Who We Serve

  • Public Entities
  • Private Entities

Our Services

  •  Procurement
  •  Referendum
  •  Regulatory Compliance
  •  Valuation and Limitations
  •  Tax and other Impact on Outstanding Water/Wastewater System Debt
  •  Operating Issues – Employees, Union Issues, etc.
  •  Franchise/Concession Fees
  •  Term of Partnership
  •  Ongoing Capital Improvements
  •  Rate Structure

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For more information about our Privatization of Essential Government Services Practice, please contact Joseph P. Baumann, Jr. at or 973-622-5259.



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