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Roughly 95% of all civil litigation eventually settles, typically after the parties have spent a small fortune in legal fees and costs over many months, if not years.  With few exceptions, pursuant to local bankruptcy rules (DNJ L.B.R. 9014), all adversary proceedings must be mediated.  Mediation enables parties to resolve disputes without substantial time, expense, and uncertainty associated with proceedings determined in court.  Anthony Sodono, III, is a Bankruptcy Court-approved mediator.  Our competitive rates and comprehensive experience can help you more efficiently resolve your disputes.

Our Services

  • Mediations
  • Resolving Commercial Disputes 
  • Resolving Adversary Proceedings
  • Assisting Litigants 
  • Act as independent facilitators of settlement discussions

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For more information about our Mediation practice, please contact Anthony Sodono, III, Chair, Bankruptcy & Restructuring Group, at or 973-721-5038.



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