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MS&B Helps Public Drinking Water Providers File Claims & Access Funds

With the EPA’s new National Primary Drinking Water Regulation (NPDWR) making headlines, many municipalities are searching for funding to improve public drinking water.

For some, a multi-district class action lawsuit against 3M and DuPont may provide relief. The pair have recently received court approval to pay $10.3 billion and $1.185 billion respectively to provide funds for public water providers to test for and treat PFAS contamination.

MS&B’s Chair of the Environmental Law Department, Eric Tomaszewski , and MS&B Partner, Frances Ciesla McManimon, of the Government Services Department, have been counseling dozens of public water providers on the details of the settlement and the process to make claims for a portion of the settlement proceeds.

If you think you could be entitled to make a claim, reach out to MS&B. While the effective date of these settlements has yet to be announced, the initial claims deadline is fast approaching.